5 Ways Managed IT Services for Insurance Companies Help Reduce Your Operation Expenses

Top 5 Ways for Insurance Firms to Reduce Operational Costs by Using Managed IT Services

Consider your typical workday- Just how much of your day is dependent upon IT services working properly? More importantly, what happens to your personal productivity levels when your key office technologies suddenly stop working? 
If you’ve ever found yourself clotheslined by an Agencyware issue or stranded by TAM Fax@avantage failures with urgent client deadlines looming,  you understand how critical having IT support services is for your business.
Obviously IT is a major driver of productivity, growth and profit at organizations of all sizes. In fact, 98 percent of small and medium-sized businesses say that their technology is key to their success and 72 percent of organizations that invest in  technology improvements anticipate revenue growth?
Despite the remarkable value and mission-critical nature of IT, without strategic IT support, businesses easily get caught up in day-to-day and tending to technology gets pushed aside because handling implementation, support and ongoing maintenance internally is challenging and, in many cases, quite costly.. Don’t be the business turning away customers as you face a full blown network outage emergency.
The reality is that having a quick, secure and dependable network environment requires hard work, but it is also one of the most important investments you can make in your insurance company’s success.
 With the number of SMBs choosing to hire professional IT support providers in the Bay Area is on the rise, and is increasingly becoming more common as office technology takes center stage.  in streamlining business operations and enabling and empowering end users with the right resources. 
While 27 percent of SMBs have no IT support, 39 percent are engaged with a third-party contractor. Here are some reasons that managed IT services can save both cash and your sanity.

1. Increased Employee Productivity

Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of unplanned technology outages are caused by poor administrative IT planning. These hours of downtime cost the least effective companies millions each year. Downtime caused by outdated equipment, network issues, and employee confusion can be significantly minimized with the right technology and appropriate employee training.

2. Predictable Recurring Costs

Unplanned technology costs can be challenging for insurance agencies. The experience of having to hire a contractor for an emergency fix can be incredibly expensive. By choosing to hire managed IT support, insurance agency owners can include a predictable monthly cost in their annual budgets. This is much easier for you to plan for than unexpected, high-dollar invoices for outages.

3. Proactive Maintenance

Managed IT services offer the benefit of expert support for maintenance. Proactive maintenance is critical to preventing unplanned outages and technology issues. In many cases, regular proactive maintenance is sufficient to prevent downtime and system issues, and the accompanying loss of productivity.

4. Expert Upgrade Advice

Did you know that the most common software selection tactics used by SMBs are actually highly ineffective? The process of choosing technologies is much simpler with expert guidance. Managed IT services for insurance understand your business and your industry. Experts who work with your company are able to offer far more personalized guidance than typical self-guided research processes.

5. Increased Information Security

The average cost of a cyber crime attack is 11.56 million dollars. Businesses who suffer a data breach are held fiscally responsible for notifying clients, which can devastate SMB brands. Managed IT services can provide in-depth assistance and expert guidance to help keep your information secure, including network protection and crucial employee training. Information security is a critical part of doing effective, ethical business in the technology age.

To learn more about what additional benefits your San Francisco Bay Area insurance organization can get from partnering with the right IT support services provider, click here to schedule a free onsite network assessment!

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