Data Storage Is Vital For Any Business.

Keep your data safe and accessible with Bay Computing.

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Having a plan for your data is the only way to know it will be available to your 24/7 without any complications. Unfortunately, you never know when discs are going to crash or when data is going to disappear. This is why you need Bay Computing managing your businesses’ data storage. We will choose a storage plan that is right for you and will be available for assistance to offer support if any issues arise.


We know how important it is to keep your data safe. Bay Computing takes every possible step to assure that all of your data is secure and protected. Our data storage security solutions are cutting-edge and designed to shield your data from any threats.

Increase Productivity

To operate efficiently, your employees need to find information quickly—and that means having easy access to data logically stored and secured from intrusion. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of data most organizations collect over time can eventually create data clutter that reduces your ability to locate information quickly.

At Bay Computing, we offer a number of services that help unravel storage tangles and streamline data access.

Personalized Solutions

At Bay Computing, we know that data storage is not a one size fits all solution. Different business sizes and models call for different strategies. We will work with you to find an answer that works perfectly for your business. Some of our data storage options include: cloud storage, direct attached storage, storage area networks, network attached storage, and more.


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Align IT with Business Goals

There are places you want to take your business. Technology exists to help you get there- or so it should. Too often, IT creates problems instead of solutions. It’s time to move past IT as a nuisance and get the right solutions which help enable, empower and streamline your people and your organization.


Bay Area IT services

Let IT Pros Focus on the Future

You have a vision for your IT and take pride in your work. You’ve set goals with company leaders and know how to get there. The roadblocks: constant user support demands, limited skill sets or lack of network management tools. Let Bay Computing clear the way so you can make your vision a reality.


Bay Area IT services

Keep Work Flowing Smoothly

In your office, the workday has to run smoothly. Your people rest easy knowing that you are in charge. But what happens when email goes down, your tech guy is on vacation or your CEO’s latest presentation suddenly disappears? All eyes are on you, but this time, you don’t have the right answer…


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