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Bay Computing is a professional Bay Area IT services firm, specializing in IT support for companies in the Engineering field. Contact us to ask about IT solutions for your engineering business: data storage, server maintenance, IT support, emergency data recovery and more.

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Server Maintenance

If you are an engineer, you know that it is vital to protect your data and maintain computer server integrity with minimal complications. Engineers everywhere know that keeping their data safe and easily accessible is necessary if they are to operate with true peace of mind.

Bay Computing as a professional Bay Area IT firm that specializes in advanced IT solutions. We offer a number of computer server maintenance and IT services that are available separately or in a bundled service package. These services include 24/7 computer server monitoring, server backup solutions, malware protection, onsite and remote assistance, data encryption and more.

Network Optimization

All computer networks require maintenance to stay secure, run smoothly, and function up to their full potential. We employ an experienced staff of certified Bay Area IT specialists who know how to analyze, secure, troubleshoot, and maximize office network efficiency.

Bay Computing also maintains partnerships with leading Bay Area software and hardware providers, keeping us at the cutting edge of new IT technology. This allows us to provide your engineering company with the latest in IT advancements. Our high-end network maintenance and network security services include design and installation, 24/7 monitoring, onsite and remote assistance, ISP vendor management, asset inventory management, and much more.

Data Security

Engineers often have sensitive data that they cannot afford to have compromised. This can be anything from financial information to building specifications; and the threat of viruses or identity theft is only going to increase over time. Protect your data with Bay Computing data protection, network security and compliance solutions. Stay focused on your business instead of worrying about the privacy of your clients becoming compromised.

Bay Computing has a talented team of Bay Area IT security technicians who will work to store your data in the most secure fashion possible. As experts in the field of data storage and IT security, we will take all necessary precautions to ensure that your data is both safe and easily accessible. Invest in peace of mind by calling Bay Computing today at 925.459.8500!

Data Recovery

Even if you take all of the necessary precautions, it is still possible to lose extremely valuable data. Every business needs a back up plan when it comes to data recovery, and Bay Computing’s Disaster Recovery service package is the answer.

We offer a full range of backup solutions that ensure efficient data recovery through computer servers, virtual servers, storage devices, laptops, individual PCs, and workstations. A data loss disaster can cost your business time and money, and you need a backup plan that restores you data as quickly and painlessly as possible. Contact Us at 925.459.8500 to learn more about our data recovery and Bay Area IT support services.



Align IT Technology With Business Goals

There are places you want to take your business, and IT technology exists to help you get there. All too often, poorly designed IT systems create problems instead of solutions. But if you can move past seeing information as a nuisance, you can gain access to data solutions that help enable, empower and streamline business operations in ways you never believed possible. So don’t despair, get started with hassle-free IT today!


Bay Area IT services

Focus On Your Own Business

You have a vision for your IT system and take great pride in your work. You’ve set goals with company leaders and know how to get there. But there are some roadblocks: constant user support demands, limited skill sets and a lack of network management tools. Let Bay Computing handle your IT services like network security, service maintenance and data storage, so you can focus on the future of your company.


Bay Area IT services

Keep Work Flowing Smoothly

In your office, the workday has to run smoothly. Your staff rests easy knowing that you are in charge. But what happens when your email system goes down, your tech guy is on vacation or your CEO’s latest presentation suddenly disappears? All eyes are on you, but this time, you don’t have the answer. Bay Computing can help you fix these IT problems, or avoid them altogether. Having a knowledgeable IT consulting and support team is a must if you want to optimize office performance and keep work running smoothly. Contact Us at 925.459.8500 if you are interested in Bay Area IT support.


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