Experts Finding Malware Creativity Advancing Faster Than Ever

Experts Finding Malware Creativity Advancing Faster Than Ever

How many technology solutions does your business rely on? Integrated software packages, softphone-based VoIP systems, productivity enhancing smartphones — technology has transformed workplace productivity, but it comes with a dark side. Malware, which is malicious software such as viruses and trojans, continue to be a major problem. One anti-virus software company detected 2,205,858,791 attacks in Q1 2015.

As more businesses gather sensitive data stored in on-premise and cloud-based tech solutions, the malware attacks become more sophisticated. User computers, network infrastructure, and mobile devices are all viable attack vectors for a creative cybercriminal. Once your computers get infected, the direct and indirect costs can be enormous, and you might not even know how the malware got in. Here are two of the most creative, and most dangerous malware threats to the business world.


What would happen if you lost access to mission-critical parts of your business system for a day? A week? Cryptowear is one of the latest malware trends. It locks down essential parts of a system and demands payment before you can use the system normally again. In many cases, these applications look like legitimate software prior to launching the attack. If you don’t pay up, you’re going to need to go through a lengthy backup restoration process to get everything back to normal.

Malware App Mods

Does your business have a bring your own device (BOYD) policy, where employees can use their own personal mobile devices for business purposes? If you do, you could be inviting all manner of malware into your network. One of the latest mobile malware trends are apps that offer modification or cheat codes for popular mobile games. The user downloads and installs the mod app, which actually contains malware. If it’s not detected early, the infection could end up hitting your entire business network.

How to Protect Your Business From Malware

So how do you stay a step ahead of the cybercriminals? The right IT security safeguards and solutions go a long way to staying on top of potential attack vectors. A technical support provider gives you the ability to use your resources to get the knowledgeable help you need to handle IT security issues.

Need help with keeping malware from ruining your business? Contact us for all your Bay Area IT services needs, whether you’re fighting an active malware infection or you want to proactively handle issues.

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