How An Excellent IT Workflow Will Keep Your Business Running Steady

Setting up and maintaining IT operations can be challenging, especially when most business owners aren’t too focused on the technological side of things. Office IT can easily become a labyrinth of words in a foreign language, complex documents, and complicated systems. This is especially true in fields such as the insurance industry, or high-volume banking, which are fiercely competitive spaces of business. However, you can alleviate this

iPhone, iPad and iOS Fall Victim to YiSpecter Malware Attacks

Everyone was YiSpecter Fighting, Those Hacks Were Fast as Lightening

Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps.

Begin your blog post by explaining what problem you are going to solve through your explanation and be sure to include any relevant keywords. Add in a personal story to establish your credibility on this topic. And make sure to end your blog post with a summary of…

Experts Finding Malware Creativity Advancing Faster Than Ever

Experts Finding Malware Creativity Advancing Faster Than Ever

How many technology solutions does your business rely on? Integrated software packages, softphone-based VoIP systems, productivity enhancing smartphones — technology has transformed workplace productivity, but it comes with a dark side. Malware, which is malicious software such as viruses and trojans, continue to be a major problem. One anti-virus software company detected 2,205,858,791 attacks in Q1 2015.

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business With IT Services

Want to kick-start new business leading into 2016? Enable growth with best-in-class technology and IT Support Services

42 percent of small businesses have no IT department, yet many of these businesses rely on technology-based solutions to fuel their future growth. Without dedicated IT professionals, business owners or other critical personnel are regularly pulled away from their core business responsibilites to address ongoing IT issues.

Your business can’t grow if you’re constantly running around and putting…

5 Pervasive Myths About Cloud Computing

Businesses in the United States spend well over $13 billion each year on cloud computing services. As “Cloud” picks up steam as the latest buzzword, migrating to the cloud is no longer an expensive, risky venture reserved only for major enterprises.

With prices continuing to drop as the technologies develop and mature, the latest studies are finding that companies with fewer than 19 employees are now 20 times more likely to adopt cloud technologies than their…

Are You Accidentally Violating HIPAA Regulations?

In a busy medical office, it’s hard to keep track of each and every HIPAA regulation, and accidental HIPAA violations can easily occur. 

In many cases, practices discover multiple violations in place upon beginning compiance examinations before you or your users even realize you’ve done anything wrong.  (more…)

Too Small for IT Security? Data Says Think Again! Attacks on SMB Rise

Is Your Organization at Risk? If You Run Your Business Without Strategic IT Security, the Answer is…

For many small business owners IT security planning  can seem like a luxury, but a lack of proactive security can actively hamper growth, even among the smallest of businesses.At its worst, not having the right defenses in place can sink your business operations as your entire enterprise is brought to a standstill by a malicious attack. Read More

How Does HIPAA Affect Healthcare IT in California

HIPAA’s Impact on Your Healthcare IT Operations

Back in 1996, HIPAA (Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act) was established and enacted to protect the private health information of patients, to facilitate health record transfers between companies, to create standards regarding electronic billing and patient information, and to introduce fraud reduction. 

Without Healthcare IT Support, This Ends Up Happening Far Too Often …

In California, the California Department of Health Care Services oversees…

Healthcare Providers 450% More Likely to Be Blackmailed by Cryptowall – How to Protect Yourself

Healthcare Providers Beware: Cybercriminals Targeting Covered Entitites (CE) with Malware and Data Breaches

The cyber crime landscape is rapidly growing more dangerous and complex for organizations of all sizes. Reports of security incidents are growing 66 percent each year, with the average cost of a data breach estimated at $3.5 million. 

While organizations in any industry are at risk of cyber crime from outside attacks or insider perpetration, many small and…

Are Your Office Operations HIPPA Friendly?  Improving Patient Care and Protecting PHI

How HIPAA Affects Office IT, the Business Operations of Healthcare Providers and Overall Patient Care

From its inception, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has had many ramifications for healthcare providers, and when it comes to technology management and IT support, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

When HIPAA affects how and where your office utilizes its IT devices and systems, your business operation methods and the manner in which patients are cared for. This is a brief…

Dyre Malware Has Stolen Over $1 Billion: Is Your Company’s Sensitive Data at Risk?

As Cyberattacks Continue to Skyrocket, DYRE Malware Grew 125% in Q2 Alone.  Are You Prepared for the Latest?

Both consumers and organizations of all sizes are at increased risk for DYRE malware attacks in the months to come. TrendLabs reported a 125 percent increase in DYRE attacks in the second quarter of 2015, proving that criminal interest in stealing user credentials is growing.

Simultaneously, attacks against healthcare organizations have grown 600 percent, and these organizations are…

New Malware can infect your FitBit and spread to your computer

Could Your Wearable Carry Viruses?

Recently, a type of vulnerability was discovered in Fitbits (a popular wearable device for fitness tracking) that could make them prey to hackers. Although Fitbit has stated that their devices are safe and that they will quickly fix the vulnerability issue, the news raises concerns about wearable technology in general. Some devices can be accessed without the user’s knowledge and infected…

Stegoloader Malware Sneak Attack Hits California Healthcare Providers

Stegoloader Malware Targeting Healthcare Providers Throughout California—Is Your Practice Safe?

There have been number of reports about how stegoloader malware is being used to target healthcare providers across North America, which is increasingly becoming a cause for concern for many practitioners.

Why? Stegoloader malware is the latest and most disastrous version of TROJ_GATAK, (the strain of trojans which use steganography to evade detection) and is sophisticated enough to conceal itself and often slips by undetected because of this ability.


Is your point of sale software at risk of being infected by malware?

Is Your Point of Sale Software At Risk of Being Infected by Malware?

Point of sale malware is currently an increasing problem in the retail industry. Many small businesses are not aware of this type of malware or how to spot if their software has been affected. By understanding the main things you need to know and look out for, SMB owners can minimize the risk and respond quickly…

The Best Way to Protect Your Business? Start Fighting Back Before Malicious Malware Attacks

Worried About Malware? Protect Your Business Proactively With Managed IT Services- Before Disaster Strikes

Malware is software that has been developed to attack and inflict harm on computers and their networks.

Malicious attacks can be especially damaging to businesses because once malware infects computers, it can be used to disable your business, hold your data hostage or even steal crucial account details to ensure mayhem and bend your organization to your attacker’s will.

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