5 Signs You Need Professional IT Support

It can be tempting to get by with a makeshift IT system. Third-party professionals will charge you for IT services, and if you’re just backing up to a couple of hard drives, why not let the savvy computer guy handle it? Then your whole office gets hit with a virus and the computer servers crash.

IT support is a lot like health insurance. It seems like you’re paying for nothing until disaster strikes. And in the long run, you end up using it a lot more than you think. Here are 5 surefire signs you need to put aside the pride and invest in professional Bay Area IT support:

1) Your IT Support Guy Already Works In The Office


Lots of small businesses handle IT support “in-house” by having their most computer savvy employee help them with computer issues. The problem is, there’s a difference between general knowledge of computers, and the ability to handle complex IT issues that relate to data security and cloud storage. If your resident computer guy seems over his head, he probably is. Don’t make the problem worse with a trial and error approach, contact an IT services provider to see about regular IT support.

2) You’re Paying For Advice (Not Help)


Many IT consultants make good money by giving self-serving advice. They will answer the phone, listen to your problems, and give you a sage-sounding solution to “try out”. And if that fails, then you have to call them back and get some more advice. The problem with this approach is that there is no understanding of the underlying condition that is causing recurring problems. A legitimate IT services provider can help you devise a system that prevents you from having to ask for advice…or solve the problem yourself.

3) You Keep Getting Viruses


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you keep getting computer viruses or system malfunctions, it is probably time to call for professional IT support. The money you spend on a services provider will be nothing compared to the time and lost productivity of having your computers go down. Especially if important data is being lost in the process, or confidential client information is breached (opening you up to legal liability).

4) You’ve Maxed Out Your Data Storage Capacity


If your current data storage system is about to experience a Catch 22, you should seek out a Bay Area IT services provider to guide you through this critical transition. Potentially disastrous problems could include anything from an issue with filing nomenclature (computer filing applications may not recognize Patient 10,000 as a logical extension of Patient 9999) or a lack of data capacity that requires you to juggle important files between multiple hard drives. However you choose to solve an impending data storage problem, you will be better off with an Office IT specialist there to advise you.

5) You Don’t Know What Things Are


There is now a trend for small business owners (even from older generations) to employ the most advanced technology possible. They want to have a live Skype button on their website instead of a phone number. They want to share files via DropBox instead of emailing them. They want Blu-ray enabled PowerPoint presentations. And on and on.

Whatever the trend, many business owners find themselves regularly searching for advice on how to integrate new software or technology on the fly. Who wants that hassle? Investing in professional IT support means you will never have to worry about keeping your business up to date with the latest trends. Your IT services provider will be there to handle it all for you.


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