Hail Hydra: How Cyber Attacks Are Like Marvel’s Hydra

How Cyber Attacks Are Like The Hydra

“If a head is cut off, two more will take its place”

Ned Stark Beheading

Just like Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Marvel Avengers’ never-ending fight against Hydra, the next data breaches, hacking exploit and cyber criminals are always just around the corner. When it comes to cyber security, know this: They’re always out there.

House of Cards

Hackers both white hat (good) and black hat (bad) are constantly searching for new opportunities to exploit your cyber security, and they never stop training to get better. All they need is the right time to strike, and you could be their next target.

New Cyber Threat Identified – Dell System Detect

Even if you don’t work in IT services or follow technology news, over the last few weeks you may have heard about Lenovo’s SuperFish adware disaster. Or maybe you witnessed a business being brought to its knees when all their data was suddenly encrypted and held ransom for Bitcoins thanks to CryptoLocker.

IT Security

Exploiting A New Opportunity

Just this week, the Dell System Detect RCE Vulnerability was announced. Thankfully, this news came from a white hat hacker (one of the good guys who strikes before the bad guys get there).

Thanks to the hard work of this anonymous hacker, and their willingness to share their findings with Dell (which probably included a monetary reward), the Dell team was able to address the IT security problem before end users suffered the consequences.


There are countless numbers of cases where a “chink in the armor” is caught and patched up before they can be exploited by malicious cyber attacks. Thankfully, we have our own team of super-hacking Avengers out there. Hopefully we won’t need to call for them. Because they will already be there.

Have you had any close calls with your office IT? Experienced disaster first-hand? What kept you safe or what led to disaster? Drop us a line and let us know your story. We love hearing about workplace experiences, and are always available to offer some advice.

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