5 things every CEO needs to know about the Cloud

5 Essential Facts About the Cloud for Business Owners

Cloud computing is a revolution, especially in the field of business-related IT. Like most revolutions, there’s a bit of confusion about what it all means, and some people are not sure whether they’re on the right side. As the head of a growing company, you may not have time to study Cloud computing in detail, but there are some key details you need to know.

1. Cloud Systems Can Help Your Business Save Money

The most attractive thing about Cloud systems is that they tend to have low costs. This is especially true for SMBs. Rather than spending outside their budget on servers, licenses and engineers for a new system, managers can simply pay a regular subscription cost for Software as a Service (SaaS), the way software is delivered over the Cloud.

2. The Cloud Can Facilitate Remote Collaboration.

Because everything is hosted remotely, it’s easier for all users to log into systems remotely. This is good news if you have people on the road or team members who regularly work from other locations. It can also save on office space costs, if you choose to allow your staff to telecommute.

3. Cloud-Based Systems May Have Tighter Security Than In-House Solutions Due to Compliance Regulations

Some businesses are wary of Cloud-based systems due to concerns about the security of their data. Data security is of paramount importance to every business, which is why most Cloud-based service providers use the most advanced encryption techniques to protect their clients. Also, because the Cloud allows you to work remotely, it helps to prevent one of the most common breaches: when an employee takes information home on a laptop or pen drive and loses it.

4. There is No Upgrade Cycle for SaaS.

One of the drawbacks of in-house software is the constant need to upgrade to the latest version. Sometimes this requires the purchase of new software, but usually it requires support from IT engineers. With a Cloud-based system, each time you log in you’ll be using the most recent version of the software,instead of worrying about scheduling out your next system upgrade.

5. Switching to the Cloud Can Enable Next-Generation Analytics.

The other buzzwords you may have heard recently are around Big Data and data-driven analytics. For the first time, businesses can capture extraordinarily detailed information about their customers, perform complex real-time analysis and use Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) to drive success. This is resource-intensive, however, and often requires the immense power of a Cloud host.

Cloud computing can help your SMB grow, so it’s worth exploring the options that are available to you. You never know what opportunities you may be missing out on.




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