7 Key Ways Professional IT Support Helps Improve Business Operations

IT Solutions Provider Helpdesk Technicians at Work7 Ways Professional IT Support Helps Your Business Flourish

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Technology is the backbone of modern commerce, so strong technical support is vital to the success of any business. But with steadily increasing overhead costs and thinning profit margins, allocating precious funds to professional IT support often seems unnecessary. After all, when computer literacy is the norm, how does having professional IT support really benefit your business? As it turns out, there are quite a few answers.


1. Helpdesk Support

The vast majority of businesses use computers daily. Invariably, these computers glitch, crash and wipe data spontaneously. For small businesses, these common issues are daunting at best and catastrophic at worst. Even minor setbacks render networks unusable for hours, resulting in lost revenue, upset customers and wasted time.

Don’t pull your engineer or accountant off of their current projects just to have them struggle through business troubleshooting. When you have managers wasting hours trying to fix technical problems, it’s time to bring in professional IT support who can solve your problem in minutes.

2. Email

Professional IT support establishes and manages email systems, restores access to locked accounts, and retrieves lost or corrupted information. Once you have an ongoing relationship with your tech help, they can work with your users to tailor email configurations to meet your business’s needs, utilize options that free email service providers don’t offer, and help ensure that you have the right storage and recovery capabilities in place.

3. Network Dependability

One of the unique advantages of professional technical support is the peace of mind that comes with network dependability. In a survey of over 200 companies accross North America and Eurpe, it was found that more than $26.5 billion in revenue is lost each year, which translates to approximately $150,000 in losses per year, per business because of network outages.

Just as you rely on your car to get you to work, your business operations depend on your network and the IT solutions that you have in place. A dependable network dramatically reduces disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimal negative impact to your business.

4. Server Hardware

While it is possible to set up and maintain a server, the process is complex, difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, if your server hardware is improperly configured or fails at any time, reconfiguration is both costly, crippling for your business and incredibly stressful for both your employees and your clients. Professional IT support maintains, monitors, troubleshoots and resolves hardware issues proactively, thus enabling you to .

5. Backup and Storage

Additional benefits of IT support include backup and storage capabilities. Without professional support, your managers find themselves relegated to generic storage platforms, many of which don’t meet your business’s needs. Bay Area Technical Support provides storage, access and preservation in a worst-case scenario, ensuring the integrity and safety of your data.

6. Security

From email encryption to network security, database management to sensitive data, security is vital to the successful operation of your business. Repairing damage (not to mention the loss of clients’ trust) caused by a data breach can be expensive, slow and stressful. Working with the right Bay Area IT service provider means your business gets the right security solutions implemented before you are attacked in order to help eliminate many common cybersecurity related risks.

7. Time

Excellent IT support ensures efficiency, protects data, and facilitates productivity. It relieves your managers of many significant burdens, minimizing stress, maximizing time, and providing solutions on a daily basis. Ultimately, when you partner with the right professional IT support service provider, you relieve your team leaders and managers of unnecessary burdens so that they can tackle the business challenges that that matter the most!

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