Avoid Data Breaches: Key IT Security Strategies for Your Business

Effective Strategies Your Business Can Implement to Avoid a Data Breach

Digital security is a vital concern for all businesses. In an era of constant security breaches, in a climate where businesses are targeted regardless of size, and unprecedented sophistication of data thieves, the most vital information can – and, according to statistics, likely will be – compromised at some point. Once a severe data breach occurs, the damage can derail organizations with crippling costs and possibly even destroy once-bright future growth.

Security Breaches Cost Healthcare Organizations 2.4_Million_Over_2_Years_HIT_Consultant


However, businesses can prevent data breaches. In fact, it is much easier to prevent a data breach than to recover from one, and the strategies at a small business’s disposal are simple and effective.

IT Support

The first line of defense against a data breach is professional tech support. While most methods can theoretically be implemented by a business in the absence of outside help, professional IT support greatly enhances security in every facet of data theft prevention.

Invest in a Strong Security Suite

The sheer number of security solutions available can be overwhelming. Sales tactics abound, and it can be difficult not only to choose a solution, but to know what you need in the first place. When you partner with seasoned IT professionals with years of experience working with local businesses, they are naturally well-versed in this area. A good tech support firm will recommend and provide the right solutions tailored to fit your business needs.

Restrict Access

An extremely important and oft-ignored consideration is access restriction. By restricting network, download, hardware, software, and database access to a user-specific degree, you automatically strengthen your security. However, setting user-specific permissions can be time consuming and confusing, and any errors will probably result in system down time. Professional IT support can easily set user-appropriate permissions specific to each role in the organization.

Appropriate Data Storage

Appropriate security, timely purging, and selective storage of data mitigate data theft. Thieves can’t take what you don’t have. IT support will monitor, encrypt, restore, and purge stored date in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Data Loss Plan

The best data loss plans help enable business continuity and make disaster recovery as painless as possible by providing a course of action for whatever emergency your business may end up facing. Just like a friend wouldn’t let you go into battle without the right equpiment, a reliable and proactive IT support team will work personally with your business and your key users to construct and implement a customized data loss plan, to ensure that threats can be neutralized upon discovery.


Employee education is vital. From providing industry updates on the latest cybersecurity threats (such as Rombertik), and technical resources to helping educate end users whenever they help resolve technical issues, your IT support team can work with you to promote the best ongoing education strategies for your employees.

The best defense against a data breach is to: 

  • Keep your network and servers secure
  • Implement security solutions and the right antivirus for your Bay Area business
  • Backup your data
  • Regularly monitor network activity
  • And to have disaster recovery solutions in place a part of your contingency plan should the worst happen

While you can implement these strategies independently, professional IT Support will help your organization develop these defenses, and will bring their experience to implementing, regularly updating and maintaining those defenses for you. Should a data breach occur, your tech support team will move in immediately to stop the breach from doing any further harm to your business, repair the damage as possible, and reconstruct any lost funcationalities and improve your security, making IT support a key investment into your business success and protecting your future earnings.

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