Stegoloader Malware Targeting Healthcare Providers Throughout North America — Is your Practice Safe?

Stegoloader Malware Targeting Healthcare Providers Throughout North America—Is Your Practice Safe?

There have been number of reports about how stegoloader malware is being used to target healthcare providers across North America, which is cause for concern because the malware is sophisticated enough to go undetected. To avoid being targeted, partner up with experienced IT security experts who have the skills to detect this complex malware. Read on if you live in the San Francisco Bay area to find out how we can help your organization.

What Is Stegoloader Malware?

Stegoloader is advanced malware that utilizes digital steganography by hiding within a Portable Network Graphic (PNG) hosted on a valid website. Once this malware is accidentally accessed, it remains on the computer, lurking in the background, often evading detection. It is so sophisticated that when it detects security or analysis tools running on the infected system, it will suspend its main program code, allowing it to stay hidden. Furthermore, it has been designed to ‘look’ for reverse engineering tools and terminate them, making it difficult for providers to regain control of their computer systems even when a security threat has been identified.

North American Healthcare Providers Targeted

A report carried out by Trend Micro found that North American healthcare providers were major targets, as many of their machines were infected with stegoloader Trojan malware. It appears that cyber criminals are interested in stealing healthcare information because it can be worth much more on the black market than credit card details. This puts healthcare providers in a vulnerable position as their system security may have been breached without them even being aware of it.

Keeping Your Organization Safe

Stegoloader malware is impacting healthcare providers across North America. Many of these organizations would have been initially complacent because they thought they had adequate security measures in place. If you are concerned that your healthcare practice may have already been targeted, or want to prevent your system security from being infiltrated, we can help! Bay Computing has a wealth of experience and technological solutions that can prevent your organization from having its security compromised.

Protecting private healthcare information remains a priority for all healthcare providers. If you are a small or medium sized healthcare organization located in the San Francisco Bay area, get in touch with us to find out how we can protect your systems and keep your organization safe.

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